NOW That's What I Call Music Vol. 420

by Counter Intuitive Records



split release between the 3 hottest bands in the game. vinyl/shirts/banners -

Prince Daddy & The Hyena (Albany, NY) -

Pictures of Vernon (Asheville, NC) -

Mom Jeans. (Berkeley, CA) -


released October 6, 2017

Split mastered by Rachel Lightner

P Daddy songs recorded/mixed by Scoops/ Birthday Dan & mastered by Rachel Lightner
POV songs recorded/mixed/mastered by Daniel Gorham
MJ tracks recorded/mixed by Ryan Ellery & mastered by James Trevascus

Keys on both Prince Daddy tracks by Dan Paoletti
Guest guitar solo on YIKES by Ryan Ellery
Guest vocals on Thrashville 2/3 by Zoe Allaire of Kississippi

MJ vape nation 2.0 record in march 2017, YIKES recorded august 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 1/3
Still not quite convinced I really do exist / I always start and end in the same spot / just when you might have thought I'm feeling fine, I'm not / I swear / I just read the vibes right

Clearly you're not down with my enthusiastic bullshit when you're with your drug friends / watch me tone it down a notch / I cut down on the talk and be right where you want me

If i ever find myself
I'd stay out of my motherfucking way

Malleable and shapeless / I sway the conversation / line by line, I turn it into math / I've never been good at that / so I'll stick to a laugh / maybe try out a safe joke

If I ever find myself I'd say / "I can smell your room strictly from your exhale" / "you think you're so cool but leave out certain details"

I feel my heart stop beating / I'm done this time / I mean it

I know myself like no one else / and I hate every second / just like paranoia except I'm always right
Track Name: Pictures of Vernon - The Sunshine Bus
Walking by cars parked along the street
I’m counting feet on my fingers
Marking pairs of repeats
If we’re doing this, we’re doing this right.
The Sunshine Bus has arrived
My insides won’t even put up a fight
The driver knows how to drive
And the wheels all know how to float
So we coast along down the road
Do you miss getting stoned to The Smiths?
And do you ever listen to the CDs I made you when I forgot how to drive
It’s a silent trip home overlooking paths in the woods,
Streams that suggest life can, life will still be good

Let me sleep in the backseat of your father’s car
That we stole for a day, we didn’t go far
Let me run and catch up
I will prove you my worth
No first will be last / no last will be first
I’m scared I’m running out of time
Track Name: Mom Jeans. - YIKES (daddy wants wings)
ate 4 double doubles last night cuz Kris said I had to be even with him
my stomach's cramping and we're camping out in sleeping bags and I miss falling asleep next to you
turn off the tv I'm always sleeping because that's all I need to do to have fun these days
because whenever I leave my house I want to go back inside
keep feeling nauseous every time I watch the news everything makes me sad except spending time with you
there's all these feelings building in me but it's not my place to ever say
exactly what I think about
the things I've only ever read about so I'll stay quiet each and every time
I want to be the one you depend on when you are broken and confused
I want to be the one you rest your head on when you are tired from walking one too many miles
it's just too windy outside for me to light this shit I'm over it again I want to go back inside with my friends
I'm not too sober to listen to your stories everyday just hoping that you'll stay 'cause I like you
Track Name: Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 2/3 (ft. Kississippi)
Sorry in advance / I'm sorta bad at this / I've been distracted / since you showed up here / my rooms been such a mess / but I don't care unless / you tell me to I guess / but we're both too stoned

Seasons greetings from a cold dark bedroom / I'll stay put for just as long as you do / it's 'bout that time a week we're smoking butane / if we try hard enough we might get halfway high

Sorry in advance / I'm sorta bad at this / I've been distracted / since you showed up here / my rooms been such a mess / but I don't care unless / you tell me to I guess / but we're both too stoned

Your sleep eatings drying out my snack fund / but this deep breathing tells me i dont need one / woke you sneaking back to bed / you caught me crashing into you just like a tsunami

and just like the tides, I'm persuaded by the moon / and just like the moon, it would take thousands of me to shine half as bright as you do

Sorry in advance / I'm sorta bad at this / I've been distracted since you showed up / my rooms a fucking shithole / I don't care for now though / it's better than being alone
Track Name: Pictures of Vernon - Camp Games 1.1
I slept in between the crack of the bed and the wall
I'm not blaming you but it's not my fault
This began and ends in my too small twin
I don't think this will last
Light of day peeking in through the window
Wake up, get up, it's another shit show
Someone's right and someone's wrong
Pride is swallowed, this weeks too long
As if mental pictures could be accepted as enough
the sun out of sight makes environment rough
Maybe I've spent too much time in my routines
I know I've wasted days with eyes fixated on screens
All of my months just different versions of each other
Is all of this just an excuse to get pity from here?
For a thankless existence, I'm sorry.
The clothes that you put on were wrong
On behalf of a species that regressed
would you expect a better fight song?
Track Name: Mom Jeans. - Vape Nation 2.0
is it so much to ask that you text me back
i'm so scared of losing touch i'm scared to ask if you know that
the reason why i try so hard to be nice is so no one else will leave me behind

you're right that it's not that hard to tell the ones that you love
how much they mean and how you'd feel if it was them and not us
but i can't make the time in my life to be sad every time you're around me

how did it make you feel to know you're not quite enough
for someone who took so much from you and then just gave up
on the things that used to make me so glad i was the one holding your hand
'cause i'm not too busy i'm just still dizzy trying to
catch my fucking breath through these sweat-soaked sheets
but you're still so pretty and i'm still too skinny to hold
all this weight on my own

but i find the time to tell everyone i love
that someday i won't need them anymore but that's because
they've given me everything i need to be me
you let me be me

i'm not going back to my bed before i find a way to tire myself out
it seems that everything tires me out except trying to get some rest

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